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Lynx Lemon Jasper Bracelet With Magnetic Clasp

Named after the highly curious Lynx, this stunning Lemon Jasper Bracelets is set in between gold filled beads and secured by a gold filled magnetic clasp. These 4mm Lemon Jasper beads are hand strung onto natural silk

Lemon jasper is a said to be a very claiming stone which is known for easing stress and anxiety. It will bring a sense of calm and well-being into your life, allowing you to heal your mind. Lemon Jasper is also thought to be beneficial for the immune system and can help to strengthen and protect the body against infection. Additionally, lemon jasper is said to help reduce inflammation and can be used to treat pain and discomfort. This stone is helpful in promoting positive thinking and can be used to increase vitality and energy.

Please note all our bracelets are made to a standard size of 7.5inches. But if you do need a different size please get in touch.