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Bespoke jewellery & rings

We are proud to be a working jeweller, and our reputation is enviable within the industry.

For many years, we have specialised in making individual and unique rings and other jewellery in our on-site workshop in Pudsey, West Yorkshire. Our creative and talented team create beautiful bespoke pieces for commission or for sale on this website and in our showroom.

Design your own engagement ring

Charlotte and the team will design and create a uniquely beautiful ring that’s perfect in every way. We'll work with you to design a completely individual ring that reflects the wearer's personality and style.

We always start with a free initial consultation to understand your ideas. If you have a clear idea of the ring you want us to create, you might want to bring in photos and sketches. This is helpful, but definitely not essential. If you’re not sure about the design you want, don’t worry, we’ll guide you through all the options.

We'll discuss your design ideas, as well as the most suitable precious metal and appropriate gemstones. Although many choose diamonds, there are many other options. We can show you a selection of our finished pieces to help illustrate some of the options and styles.

We are often asked to remodel family heirlooms, perhaps to incorporate an antique piece of jewellery with special significance, or the wedding or engagement ring of a much-loved and now departed family member.

Guided by your preferences and budget, we’ll identify a selection of diamonds and gemstones that best meet your requirements, and we’ll help you choose the perfect stone or stones for your ring. Once we’ve agreed the specifications of your ring, we’ll give you a quote.

As well as engagement rings, we can also create beautiful eternity rings, wedding rings, and tailor-made shaped wedding bands to fit perfectly around engagement rings.

Stunning bespoke jewellery

We can create stunning bespoke jewellery for any special occasion, whether an engagement, wedding, civil ceremony, christening or special anniversary. We can make anything from earrings, charms, necklaces, eternity rings, unity rings, engagement rings and wedding bands.

Your bespoke jewellery will be made in our own workshop using the finest Fairtrade metals and gemstones from responsible sources.

Remodelling existing jewellery

We can also remodel existing jewellery, so if you have an heirloom or a piece which doesn't quite fit or isn't quite right, you can rely on us to deliver the results you are looking for.

Our skills and experience mean we are able to reuse the gold and original gemstones to create something new and beautiful. In fact, one of the best parts of our job is taking older, unwanted or inherited pieces of jewellery and turning them into something much more wonderful and wearable than before.