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Getting the right ring size

Getting the right ring size

Here at Shaw Jewellers we usually make our rings for stock a size L, M or N which are usually the most common ring size for ladies. If the ring is a surprise and we have not measured the lady’s hand, then we would usually recommend we make a stock size, and if it needs tweaking after the event, we can always size it professionally for you after the big day.

One good way to get a ring size is to sneak out with a ring she isn’t wearing and bring it to us to be measured. If you want to maintain the surprise factor, you’ll need to be sneaky about this. Getting a ring she doesn’t wear often will be easier to get away with.

We offer one free resize after purchase and we can do more than one size. It is not great to do multiple resizing as this can make the ring thinner at the back.

Alternatively we also sell professional ring sizers, please contact us to discuss this.