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How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

There are so many myths and misconceptions about buying engagement rings, it can be hard to really know how much to spend when you’re shopping for this very important piece of jewellery!

One engagement ring rule is that you should spend about three months of your salary, but that is largely outdated. As so many couples now fund their own weddings, the thought of spending that amount is rather scary! Ideally you should buy within your means to avoid starting married life together heavily in debt. If you plan to share bank accounts and living costs, it’s only sensible to discuss how much you’d like to spend on a ring.

If the proposal isn’t going to be a surprise to you, you can agree a budget and choose together. This is an especially good idea if neither of you knows what you’re looking for. However if the husband-to-be is determined to go solo and, unless he is one of those rare types who knows exactly what his fiancée wants on her finger, some heavy hinting is necessary.

There are many types of engagement ring, from vintage to contemporary to a bespoke design. There is something ultra-romantic about a ring that has once been worn by another, with a previous love story attached to the piece of jewellery.

You can choose a ready-made ring from a jewellers. Shaw Jewellers is a working jeweller and we have a fantastic range of engagement rings for you to see and try on. If you’re heading to the shops, now that we are allowed to, do some online research into different stores and boutiques you want to visit. Like planning the wedding, buying the right ring needs a plan of action!

A bespoke ring is ultimately romantic, especially if it’s a design that you’ve both agreed on! Choose an expert working jeweller like Shaw Jewellers, who will guide you through the process from which metal to choose, to the setting you want and, most importantly, the stones. But go with a budget in mind as it is easy to get carried away when designing your own!

If you'd like to know more about our bespoke engagement ring service, which allows you to design the engagement ring of your dreams, get in touch!